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Maximize your ad spend for optimal results.

Achieve the best return on your ad spend with comprehensive platform, which allows you to brand, track, and share URLs for enhanced reach and retargeting.

Easily track your third party ad campaigns on Amazon, YouTube, and other platforms.

With, you can gain comprehensive insight into the sales generated by your ad campaigns on third party sites such as Amazon, YouTube, Kickstarter, and Shopify. This allows you to optimize your ad strategy by scaling up the campaigns that are performing well and discontinuing those that are not.

Optimize Your Campaigns and Save Money with's Advanced Tools

Easily Create and Launch Effective Ad Campaigns

Simplify Your Advertising Efforts with One-Stop Management for Google, Facebook, and TikTok Campaigns

Easily Monitor the Success of Your Campaigns with Attribution

Effortlessly Improve Your Campaigns and Get the Most Out of Your Ad Spend with Advanced Optimization Tools

Construct Effective Retargeting Campaigns for Maximum Impact

Create powerful retargeting campaigns with link-click and add-to-cart audiences to capture high-intent shoppers

Boost Referral and Conversion Rates

Utilize customer information to retarget customers and enhance referral rates

The outcome?

An increase in profitable sales, improved organic ranking for high-impact keywords, and the elimination of wasted ad expenditure

the result img smart url is trusted by over 50,000 online businesses to enhance sales and improve return on ad spend (ROAS)

Implementing has significantly improved the performance of my Facebook pixel, allowing me to target the audience I previously lost when sharing on social media. It's a great tool for retargeting new audiences through social media sharing!

Johan Richard Mile - Senior Programer

Using allows us to avoid the need to create a website for a profile, and the analysis results from smarturls are more useful in developing marketing strategies."

Michael J. Brown - Senior Programer

Boost your brand's growth today!



Perfect for small teams and startups, the Newcomer plan offers everything you need to get started.

An unlimited number of branded links
An unlimited number of landing pages
Up to 2 retargeting pixels
Up to 5000 tracked clicks per month
One Custom Domain


Suitable for small teams and startups.

Up to of 2 retargeting pixels
Up to 20,000 tracked clicks per month
Dedicated customer support (<48 hour response time)


In addition to everything included in the Advanced Plan, you will also receive...

Up to 5 retargeting pixels
Up to 50,000 tracked clicks per month
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